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The mountains and lakes are the final destination for epic adventures in the Colorado high country – the fun starts here, at Fun For You Rentals. Beyond everything you’d expect to find at an adventure outfitter, we offer activities and equipment you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. From state-of-the-art snowshoes and cross country skis, to a customized Hummer that we took the wheels off and replaced with snow tracks – we know how to have a blast on the mountains without buying a ski pass. Get off I70 and get outfitted for your next mountain adventure. Come see what we have in store! 






Hummers are cool. They’re big, high up and comfortable. You’re probably picturing one right now, and it’s probably yellow. Now, picture driving that big, brand new yellow hummer cruising up the side of a snowy mountainside. Come to Fun For You Rentals today – we’ll make that dream come true. Click here for more info. 


Rentals Coming Soon. Explore the beauty and serenity of the Colorado wilderness. Immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of nature – the fresh air, the wildlife, the pines and aspens, and the almost-always sunny skies. Get away from the crowded resorts and venture into the truly timeless surroundings the Centennial State has to offer. Our top-of-the-line snow shoe rentals will have you trekking along on top of waist deep snow – as if you were walking on a cloud.


Rentals Coming Soon. When we think of the Wild West, we think of gunslingers in deserts – The truth is, the west is at its wildest come winter. It’s what draws so many tourists year round and sends people flocking to the slopes. But there are few ways to experience the breathtaking views and natural beauty of a western, Colorado winter than gliding through wide open spaces and secluded Rocky Mountain trails on a pair of cross country skis. We carry the best ones around.